September review.

Total debt reduction to date: 9754.77 pounds

It’s nearing the end of September, and Boom!!! I’ve paid off the balance on my car! I paid the final balance £3,740. The car is officially mine.

Image of cartoon car.

I need the car for my job.  By paying off for the car I have moved the car from liability side of my Balance Sheet onto the asset side. I just had a thought that once I’ve paid off my debts, God willing I will start building my asset column with at least 8 different income-generating assets.  This was the plan at the beginning of the year, but I think the plan is to cover the last three or four debts with an income producing asset.

I think it would be great to have 8 income generating assets giving me a net income of 1k each.  The question is what are those income generating assets.  It’s something to think about in the future, when the time comes, I will write a blog about this and leave a link here.

For now I need to know the resale value of the car. 


Currently, the resale value of the car stands at £7,725.  The original cost-plus interest was £7710; thanks to solid demand in the second-hand market, the car’s value has remained somewhat the same.  The problem is that the car runs on petrol, I know that by 2030 all fuel-based cars will be banned, so I would need to save for a new electric car.

I felt happy.  At the beginning of the year, I promised myself to celebrate every little win.  I celebrated by getting rid of everything in my room. I chucked out the wardrobe, dismantled the bed, got rid if most if my clothes and I striped the wallpaper back to the bare dark grey plaster.  I am left with a mattress which I intend to swap out for a Japanese mattress style bed.

Image of Jap bed

I wanted to strip every room, including my art room come office, but I couldn’t strip the wallpaper back as I work remotely and I would need to sometimes put on the camera during meetings. I am keen to embark on my extreme minimalist journey.  I thought that I was good at keeping down the number of useless items, that is until I how the extreme minimalists are doing it on Youtube.  You see this blog showing the start of my extreme minimalist journey.


Once I celebrated by getting rid of my possessions, which turned out to be half a day, I turned my attention to paying off my student loan and credit card. My goal at the beginning of the year, was to payoff my debts excluding the mortgages. 

I have three months to pay it off, approx.—over £7k. I fear that I am not going to make it, and this has left me feeling annoyed with myself.  This debt journey was especially for me.  Throughout my life I have been too busy helping or supporting others it’s time for me to be selfish and look out for me for a change.

That’s another thing that I need to learn, and I need to find gratitude in everything.

I discovered that we might accept a pay rise of £1,950 pa. Not much considering inflation is running at double figures. At least it is something, and it has come at the right time.

The wages will be back-dated at the start of the financial year.  If so, I intend to add £50 from my savings to make it £2k.  I will take this money and part pay off for the credit cards.  It means that I need to find £5k over the next three months.

I turned back to my budget and I’ve done yet another reforecast. This time I took out my sunk funds from my expenses.

 It may mean that the VIP cinema trip to see Avatar 2 may be off the cards.   I’ve calculated that I would be overdrawn by £400, but the student loan and the credit card would be paid off by my deadline.  Mmm. I think I need to be doing some over time in order to prevent the overdraft.

It means no more Amazon spends!!!!! But for my sanity, I kept Netflix because there is this tremendous Chinese drama. Click here to find out why I am watching, c- and k drama that I love watching, Love between the Fairy and the devil. What is that I love about love between fairy and devil?  Loving it, it’s what’s got me back to sketching.  I’ve been drawing characters from the TV series. 

Affilate join Netflix program.

Image no Amazon image if tv series

I so want to read the book, but that is in Cantonese. 

Affiliate Amazon program.

So I opted to watch the animated version again, another subscription fee that I will not stop.  Anime is different from that TV drama.  Whoever wrote the TV adaption didn’t do a bad job.

IQyi affiliate program

I need to get my trees from my allotment not done too badly, as the trees are worth more than the money I spent on them and the rent for the allotment.  The only problem is that I don’t have anywhere to put them, so I need to improvise.

I am contented that at least I am drawing again.  I feel a solid need to tithe, and I know I can leave this until next year.  To make up for it, I started to take the Sabbath seriously. I abide by the ritual of no work from Friday evening until Saturday evening.

Images of some of your drawings

 I had to think about what the Sabbath meant, as there were so many rules to abide by.It boils down to not working and not causing others to work on that day. 

I think when going through this extreme bare-bones budget, you need things or activities that don’t cost money but is totally satisfies your soul.  It will make the journey feel less painful.

My next big payment should be in November and that is the student loan, and cross fingers December should be my final payment for credit cards.

God willing I would really like to start the new year at least debt free excluding mortgage. It would mean that next year I can concentrate paying off for one of my mortgages and properly setting up some sort of garden related business. 

End of the blog.